Tricadselection Nederland

Cad software distributor&reseller for the Benelux  since 2005



Name:Tricadselection Nederland                                                                                                                    KLAPHORNEWEI 2, 9171 LH Blije
Telephone: 0519 562 602               Mobile: 06 50550764  
Bank relation Abn/Amro  NL34ABNA0567220834
BTW nr. NL001191380B33
Kamer van Koophandel 01114030
VESTIGINGSNUMMER 0000153620270519 346 279 


 We are  a small company  working  from  home  providing  alternative  cadsoftware  to our customers enabeling them to  benefit from our products.  In so doing to give them   also a chance  to be able to survive  in the competative  market they are faced with ! We also take pleasure to help as much as possible with any question they may have so they  know they are being supported by the products  we present  to them. Our  company  has  been  both in the  mechanical and installation sectors as well as the  commercial sectors giving us the knowledge to be able to understand  the needs  and understanding  what our   customers require.  If you require  more  information about us do not  be afraid to ask us. we are more  than willing  to answer any question that is presented to us.