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Here are the complete  6 part serie available to watch  directly  in youtube. Please enjoy !  if needed you can always contact us  us 31519562602 mobile 3150550764

Try using Youtube  contol panel  buttons use language subtitles display  and  audio slowmode to follow instructions at your own rate of understanding!

Just click here on picture from Lodz city center   to recieve available downloads from Arcardiabim homeoffice 

Please take the advantage to use  the Full 6 part serie   that  Arcadia has to offer its  customer. You can always   contact us by  telepone 31519562602   mobile 3150550764

ArcadiaBim has a Full  explanation of using its cad interfacial itools! In so doing allows  new  as well as old  cad users a much broader and easier approach to using cadsoftware Tricadselection recommends to listen and take in of all  youtube Video series that are  available    for you  which  are available. you can also set under in the videoplay screen youtube buttons  to change audioaswell as visualspeed   settingsalong with language    text headings enabling to follow at your own pace.